Can you help me identify these ribbons? Grandpa was in the Navy in WW2 if that helps.

2022.01.27 17:32 vacant_muse Can you help me identify these ribbons? Grandpa was in the Navy in WW2 if that helps.

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2022.01.27 17:32 21231001Bam Should’ve named him Snoopy

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2022.01.27 17:32 ThePeskyPole34 After 56 raids, it’s finally mine.

After 56 raids, it’s finally mine. submitted by ThePeskyPole34 to pokemongo [link] [comments]

2022.01.27 17:32 toruandmidori Special Valentine's BJ

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2022.01.27 17:32 Blooberino Beware of phishing scams via email.

I received the following in an email today masquerading as CoinBase, and thought I'd share with the community. Also some tips to help spot a scam that may or may not be obvious to everyone.

Account Review
On Thu, January 27, 2022, Unusual activity detected by our service in your account, we temporarily restrict your account, you cannot add or withdraw balance, to remove this limit, please verify your personal data by pressing the Login.
№1: "Login" is a link. Never ever click a link from an email suggesting your account is compromised. Log in from your usual route. Be it app, web, or through a wallet. Don't even click it.
Long pressing this link revealed its a redirect from an Italy based site. Definitely not legit.
№2: Syntax and grammar. Cursory glance at the sentence structure is a huge red flag. Not one portion of the text is indicative of a corporate communication. The date would not be abbreviated. There would not be a meandering fragmented four-comma sentence.
№3: No financial service will request you login via an email. Unless you solicited a verification link as part of a 2FA, this will not be the method.
It's genuinely easy to make an email look legitimate. And I've seen these same emails posing as Amazon, major banks, major credit companies, and all things crypto.
Don't fall for scams, keep your passwords secure. Stay safe fellow hodlers!
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2022.01.27 17:32 FrontpageWatch2020 [#442|+1370|81] Why is No One Talking About this Plastic Waste ??? [r/technicallythetruth]

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2022.01.27 17:32 crowcatcher86 Best New Indie (a bit more female oriented)

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2022.01.27 17:32 bushido216 Our Movement needs an Open Letter that clearly states our grievances and goals. We have seen the consequence of not having one. We must Write while the Pen is hot and the Movement is still United. More details within.

(This thread is cross-posted in every anti-work subreddit I am subscribed to.)
Fellow Workers,
How we got here
Since the pandemic, we have been subjected to an increasingly toxic and exploitative work environment. We have been asked to work longer hours for less money during the worst public health disaster in a century. Yet, the capitalist class has "thanked" us with fluff-piece commercials, the honking of cars, appreciative stickers, cheap gift cards, and the banging of pots and pans.
Their empty praise and scant reward have only served to highlight that the pandemic is the nadir of a seventy-year program. Capitalists seek to kneecap the working classes and steal as much of our productivity as they can. As a result, the wealthy have stolen our wages, worsened our working conditions, stolen our benefits, and busted our unions. The wealth of our labour is funnelled to the ultra-rich to fund their hobbies.
What all of this reddit posting is about
It is increasingly evident that the status quo is not sustainable. Multiple crises have reached their apex. Student debt has placed a crushing burden on future leaders, researchers, and experts. Housing, healthcare, transportation, and childbirth are all at record prices. Meanwhile, wages are low, and student debt continues to drain wealth away from workers and the rich.
The result is a generation of workers that will be denied the dream of homeownership, cannot afford to have children, and are one hospital bill or missed paycheck away from financial ruin. Americans, and workers around the globe, look forward today and do not have hope. Instead, we see a future where our children and we are forever-workers making starvation wages while the rich spend the proceeds of our work on their hobbies and idleness.
Under the current capitalist system, we are seeing record wealth inequality, homelessness, poverty, food insecurity, and worsened health outcomes for the working classes. Having a job is no longer any surety against poverty and want. Birth rates continue to decline, and social safety nets continue to be underfunded and weakened by parliaments and legislatures.
The current capitalist system is a poorly balanced, top-heavy house of cards. It is only a matter of time before the rich discover that the working classes have no more left to give. The system will collapse. Change is needed.
Beware the socialist monster under the bed. Or so we were taught
In the education systems of many countries, especially in the United States, it was taught that socialism led to poorer social and economic outcomes than capitalism. Bogeymen of wealth distribution, high taxes, inadequate healthcare, and the loss of democracy were indoctrinated into children's minds across the World.
We were taught that under socialism, our wealth would be taken from us and given to someone else, someone less deserving. In Venezuela, we are shown a nominally oil-rich nation with rampant starvation and a horrible standard of living. Socialism!
We were taught that under socialism, taxes are levied by a greedy, incompetent government that takes your hard-earned money away from you and gives it to undeserving people who don't work as hard as you. Denmark has a top income bracket of 57%[1]! Socialism!
We were taught that under socialism, healthcare is managed by an incompetent government and that government decides what kind of healthcare you receive. The government is between you and your doctor and takes away your choices. Besides, in socialist medicine, there's no need to invest, so you won't get the best healthcare. Look at Cuba and how poor they are! Socialism!
Socialist countries clearly aren't democracies, we were taught. Cuba, Venezuela, China, Russia. Those countries aren't democracies and oppress their people. The mindset of the socialist is the mindset of the authoritarian. Socialism!
The call is coming from inside the house. Capitalism is the monster under the bed
Yet, we now know these bogeymen and red herrings for what they are, efforts by the capitalist class to get the workers to act against their own interests. These are lies. Worse, even if they weren't, they ignore the generally held belief of the worker's movement in Social Democracy, a vision most clearly illustrated by the policies and positions of Senator Bernies Sanders, among others.
Worse, the most alarmist prophecies of socialism have all come true under capitalism.
Wealth is deliberately and routinely redistributed in the United States and other countries. In reality, wealth is redistributed upwards, from the poor and working poor to the ultra-rich. The working classes yearly pay a higher real tax rate on their wealth gains than the ultra-rich and have access to far fewer tools for hiding their wealth or sheltering their wealth from taxes [2][3]. While the wealthy do pay higher amounts in absolute terms, they pay much less in real terms, than everyday wage earners. Capitalism is not the proof against your wealth being stolen; it is the cause.
Taxes are already collected by a greedy government, but it is not incompetent. On the contrary, it is working as intended to take the wealth of workers and redistribute it to the rich through corporate welfare, bloated defence budgets, and massive tax breaks for the rich. The United States has a top income tax bracket of 37%, higher than Canada at 33%, at par with Norway at 37%, below New Zealand (39%), Switzerland (40%), and France, Australia, and South Korea at 45%. These rates are for the top bracket, meaning they are only paid by the top earners on the least percentage of their income.
Most Americans, and workers everywhere, never come close to the top income bracket. So concerns over the top income bracket are only concerns for the welfare of the capitalist class. What American workers don't pay in taxes, they pay in soaring healthcare costs. The other countries listed above all have socialised medicine, meaning that the healthcare of every worker is included in their taxes paid. Meanwhile, American workers must pay out of pocket for their healthcare on top of taxes.
Moreover, we pay for healthcare insurance with deductibles that are never met and copays that dwarf our premiums. So we needn't worry about the government getting between our doctors and us. Our insurance companies already do that. They decide which doctors are in-network, which we can see, and how much they will pay. In addition, Healthcare insurance companies are for-profit, meaning that they are incentivised to collect our premiums and deny us coverage.
Democracy in the United States and worldwide is under threat, and it is not coming from socialism. Setting aside the rising tide of right-wing fascism and the trend towards violence, it is becoming increasingly evident that lawmakers no longer concern themselves with the will of their constituents but with the interests of their largest donors [4]. As a result, regardless of which party is in power, taxes on the rich go down, the social safety net has shrunk, and union-busting has gone without repercussions. We live in a Corporate Oligarchy will the will of America's and the World'sWorld's citizens are subverted by corporations who yearly pump billions of dollars into the funds of politicians and routinely buy their votes.
Politics hates a void. If we do not define ourselves, someone else will
The Workers Movement must develop a coherent, consistent narrative with all of this in mind. The recent interview on Fox News, and the failures (so far) of the Defund the Police and Green New Deal programs, demonstrate that politics hates a vacuum. If we do not provide a clear, consistent message with simple, powerful talking points, the media and our enemies in the capitalist class will give them for us. We are approaching critical mass, and it is necessary to coalesce around a standard message and avoid self-inflicted injuries that harm our movement and prevent needed change.
In both the Green New Deal and Defund the Police, the message was at times contradictory. It never was coherent enough to provide a robust and unified pushback against liberal media and corporate powers that worked to destroy the movements. Especially with Defund the Police, a lack of a single, easily articulated statement of purpose allowed capitalists, the media, and sceptical Americans to overlay their own biases on the movement. This impeded the movement's ability to communicate the problems in policing today and advocate for changes.
A rallying Open Letter benefits all of us. All of us should participate
A single statement, or a set of closely related statements, would help in several ways.
First, it would reduce the time we have to spend defining ourselves. The mortal blow to Defund the Police and the biggest flaw in many progressive movements is a poor definition of the movement and the time defenders need to spend setting out the meaning and purpose of the movement when discussing these movements with voters, the media, workers, and others. It is abundantly apparent that a clear statement would remove these deficiencies.
Second, we would provide a rallying cry for other dissatisfied workers. There are over a million subscribers on antiwork. There are likely tens of millions of Americans and hundreds of millions around the World sympathetic to the ideas that we discuss every day. An Open Letter that is widely agreed upon and powerfully written would simplify the effort to unite the disparate Anti-Work movements and to spread our message to workers who are, as yet, unaware or unconvinced by our message and our mission.
Third, there is no better response to the recent blow we suffered than coming back with a unified message and an increase in recruitment, messaging, and collective action across multiple platforms and numerous countries. Remember, we are the working class. We create the wealth that the affluent use to play Astronauts, be idle, and ensure that their children continue the aristocracy generation after generation. But, fundamentally, we are our own oppressors by continuing to allow the ultra-rich to take our wealth.
I have posted this thread in every anti-work subreddit that I know about. I'm sure there are more. I invite anyone and everyone to take part in this project. I invite others to set wings to this project and let it soar. The addition of many voices to unified Open Letter only adds to the credibility and strength of the movement and the validity of any statement as a single statement of purpose shared by the entire movement. So please, everyone, join.
We are the 99% collectively organising against the 1%. In the United States, we are 329,133,502 workers against 3,324,581 millionaires and billionaires. In the World, we are 7,795,500,570 against 78,742,430 millionaires and billionaires. We are the many, and they are the few.
A plea for your attention
I beg the reading audience to take this plea seriously. We are a movement of workers who take collective action. As a result, we are stronger collectively and weaker individually. The history of worker's rights is a history of collectivist action winning against capitalism, and all of the powers lined up behind it, be it the police or the government. Our strength is our willingness to act as one and demand change. If our recent disaster does not convince you of the danger of going alone, I don't know what will. The World is at a tipping point. We are poorer and sicker than ever, and for many, the dream of being parents or homeowners is long gone. We have little to no hope of retirement. We must exercise our power now or risk consigning ourselves and our descendants to a future of corporate overlordship and permanent wage slavery.
The challenges we face are perhaps the greatest in history. The World's bedrock Democracy, the United States, is on the verge of losing even its veneer of free and fair elections. Already it may be too late to reverse catastrophic global warming. We are in year three of a health catastrophe that shows no signs of stopping. As a people, we can no longer agree on basic facts.
Capitalism has failed us. It will fail our children. It has killed the American dream and has literally killed millions of people around the World. The end of capitalism is not a luxury, a hope, or a goal. The end of capitalism is a necessary act of self-defence for the human race.
I thank you for your time and patience. I pray for you and your families and for the change that must come.
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2022.01.27 17:32 -Yolk Ok, I feel like there is a chance they like me back, but idk

So, we were talking, and I brought up something about the beach, (something that she really liked that surprised me because of the sudden reaction), and she said that when both of us turn 18, we are going to go together, regardless of what I think about it. I really do wonder if she likes me back. She is single and is saddened by having nobody with her for valentine's day. I don't get to see her often though, as we have no classes together in the 2nd semester.
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2022.01.27 17:32 Rulerofgalaxies45 Why is the media so fake and biased?

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2022.01.27 17:32 UncleCarnage Any way to watch movies with letterbox on a 21:9 monitor? (with example)

This is regarding movies that are in 21:9 and fill the whole monitor. Some might say ''why would you not want the movie to take up the whole screen?
Well I do enjoy the letterbox in movies and ever since I got my ultrawide monitor I've been wanting to find a way to make the movie smaller, so it's framed in the black bars.
Here is how I would like it to look
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2022.01.27 17:32 addstudios Daily Cookie Clicker Meme 2

Daily Cookie Clicker Meme 2
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2022.01.27 17:32 Admirable-Length-471 Downloading Expansion Pass

I just bought the expansion pass (b&w + hos) and theyre automatically being downloaded. Does that mean that both of the dlcs will be available to do? Can i do both of them at the same time? Or do i need to complete one of them first in order for the other one to unlock?
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2022.01.27 17:32 USERjoke123 WTT Trading 6x5 xiao hu tao kokomi jean qiqi and skyward blade for xiao + zhongli

I give: xiao, hu tao, kokomi, jean, qiqi, skyward blade ar50
You give: xiao, zhongli
:) Write discord in comments
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2022.01.27 17:32 SurviveandThrive10x [US] Survive and Thrive - Lost Island - 10x

[US] Survive and Thrive - Lost Island - 10x Season 1
No Admin Abuse/Admin Cheating
Rates(Balanced) Harvest Rate: 10x Taming Speed: 10x XP Multiplier: 20x
Baby/Egg(balanced) - Harvest Rate: 10x - Taming Speed: 10x - XP Multiplier: 20x
Rules: - No Meshing - No Trolling - No Cheating/Exploiting - No Abusing Bugs - No Building in Artifact caves - Try not to build on main resource spawns
Map: Lost Island Mods: Stack Mod
Server Thumbnail
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2022.01.27 17:32 blackmarewolf Hey! Good career start? UK

I was thinking of joining the police force but I’m thinking of joining the cadets first. I wanna either be apart of the K9 force or forensics. Science isn’t my strong point which is what I’m struggling on for forensics but my GCSEs are coming up in a few years but before then I wanna make sure im prepared if any of you have any advice! Im definitely going for cadets as my start then im gonna become security in a shop and carry on from there. I was also thinking of taking the calls for 999. I know im taking art, photography and re and geography for my GCSEs but is there anything else I’d need for joining the police force? I’m definitely going to law enforcement college too. Thank you for reading! 🤞
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2022.01.27 17:32 oldmanr11 Slow remote g4 pro playback

I have a client that isn't super happy with the streaming performance of his g4 pro camera's from his cell phone. He has 15Mbps upload at his home and good LTE connection speed on his phone. We have the stream quality set to auto and he has an new samsung phone. Based off this I figured he should be able to stream pretty good.
I did some Googling and came across this article. The UI-Team suggested that because the ISP was using ipv4 and the mobile carrier was using IPV6 that the performace would be hindered because it the connection would have to go through NAT64 or a TURN server. This article is 3 years old and I have never head of that since. Is this still a thing? I found out I can request an IPV6 address from the ISP, but I am not sure if I will have to convert his internal network to IPv6 as well. I have exactly zero experience with IPv6. Maybe this isn't even the problem.
This client is using the ISP modem as the router and I installed the CloudKey G2+ and 2 x g4 pro cameras.
Any suggestions would be welcome.
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2022.01.27 17:32 Snoo-50496 Keto in college: help

As the title says, i’m attempting a keto diet at college. What are some ways I can get creative and utilize the very little options I have? Any common foods that can make great keto friendly options? Typical dining hall food is hard!
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2022.01.27 17:32 JasonSethCatMommy Rachel “revenge is sweet and I haven’t done any work” Hollis

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2022.01.27 17:32 Own-Brick69 Don’t kinkshame

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2022.01.27 17:32 HH_______ [No Spoilers] Peeper leviathan doesnt exist it cant hurt you. Peeper leviathan:

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2022.01.27 17:32 RollLeft Estonia gets its sixth unicorn as Veriff raises $100m from Tiger

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2022.01.27 17:32 LostItSG An Orc adventurer and his Breton companion enter The High Isle for the first time (ca. 2E 582)

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2022.01.27 17:32 Watchedtime [WTS] Aquastar Deepstar II Grey Dial

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2022.01.27 17:32 mellowgang__ 11:11 - Hype/Official Release Thread

Hey guys! Tomorrow, 11:11 finally releases!
For some of you, it’s already out on streaming services!
Let everyone know your thoughts and favorite songs, use this thread to discuss the album, etc.
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