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I'm not part of the 1%

2022.01.27 16:42 Martijngamer I'm not part of the 1%

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2022.01.27 16:42 Scott13Pippen Yesterday was only the first day of clown school.

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2022.01.27 16:42 GreatBear2121 Is this fake?

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2022.01.27 16:42 porridgeandoatmeal Is LTWs outfit a serious outfit? Or is she meant to be ‘prepped for anything’ … but the tools on it are for make up and not painting … I’m so confused!

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2022.01.27 16:42 MaakasuPanda I think Senku’s birth father played football.

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2022.01.27 16:42 Alugere The definition of a dram for those curious

So, if you're like me, you may have wondered just what the volume of a dram is. You may have also looked it up online and got your first hit as the US customary measurement of 1/8th of an ounce which would be astoundingly low for the amounts we see in game with that being a good amount of hydration or a small pool of water you have to wade through being 500 drams which would work out to half a gallon.
However, there is also the Scottish definition (which is also used with whiskey) that is 1/13th of a pint. This would work out to that pool being roughly 5 gallons which is the size of one of those large water jugs you can get from the store which would result in a tile depth of at least a few inches, something that far better matches wading given that it would definitely soak your boots.
Alternatively, there is also an more generalized definition of a dram being a mouthful, which is basically a less formal version of the Scottish definition.
As such, for those who want to calculate things, a single dram in game is likely around 1/13th of a pint or ~43 ml.
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2022.01.27 16:42 mranappppp Can hack any girls my eyes only dm me on kik@_mrsnapchat $20

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2022.01.27 16:42 Fun_Novel6078 Wtb tc 16610ln or bk wm9 16610ln

Been let down on a trade that he had agreed and then decided to sell so now have a post raid vsf 126610ln on the way brand new s29 so could either trade or straight sale is fine so pm me if you have anything
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2022.01.27 16:42 merixo212 Oha be adam

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2022.01.27 16:42 tom_1357 Call of Duty: Activision Reportedly Wants To Release Next Three Games On PlayStation Despite Xbox Acquisition

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2022.01.27 16:42 Novel_Chair_0303 $300k Giveaway Prizes - Drop your Address ⬇️

$300k Giveaway Prizes - Drop your Address ⬇️
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2022.01.27 16:42 Willy988 How does one find the estimated uncertainty with a sphere?

This is my first week of Physics w/ Calculus and my textbook has yet to arrive... so I have no idea how to solve this since I cannot just simply Google how to do it.
The question is: What, roughly, is the percent uncertainty in the volume of a spherical beach ball whose radius is r = 0.84 ± 0.06 m ?
I know normally one would divide the uncertainty by the definite value, and multiply it by 100. When I tried finding an answer online, the closest thing I could find was to multiply the value 7.1% by 3 since volume is cubed. Could anyone help me out?
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2022.01.27 16:41 jim_the-gun-guy Help my co worker out please.

He is knowledgeable but needs more friends so please help him out. His friends code is 7870 5233 6607. Thank you in advanced. If you want you may also add me and my friend code is listed under my name.
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2022.01.27 16:41 SteveWax022 Fellas, I've done it.

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2022.01.27 16:41 Bulky-Prune-8370 Do I have persistent genital arousal syndrome?

I'd like to preface this by saying that due to pain my husband and I don't really have sex anymore, nor do I masturbate. Orgasms are just really painful for me now. About two hours ago I started to surface from a dream. Just as the dream was fading it seemed as though I had been contemplating some solo activities but hadn't even gotten to the hot and heavy of my own dream. I was lucid enough to figure I might wake up mildly aroused but it would fade fast because it's the first day of my period with just light spotting but even mild arousal can hurt. I. Was. So. Wrong.
Y'all. I woke up while orgasming. It wasn't like Earth shattering or anything but it was a full fledged, no touchy touchy orgasm. So, I laid there waiting for a few minutes as the aftershocks passed and the pain and nausea set in. I go to sit up so I can reach I my meds and immediately fall back because it happens AGAIN. Ok, I've had similar experiences on purpose while having sex with my husband but nothing like this has ever happened just, spontaneously.
Everytime I moved for the next two hours, I had a small orgasm. I wasn't touching myself at all, I'd just move a bit to try to get comfortable or even just an involuntary twitch and I would be hit with a mini-orgasm. I'm one of those women that when I have a clit based orgasm (or many, such in cases like this) I tend to NEED vaginal stimulation in order for the arousal to really feel sated. I can handle it on my own using various methods (I never really got into toys) but when it's possible I'd much rather make love with my husband. I couldn't do that tonight. I thought about it several times, but it was so damn painful I felt like even him using his fingers would have been excruciating. I was finally able to make it the bathroom to pee which was horrible enough as it was, wiping from front to back felt like lightning strikes and left me shakier than before and feeling like I was going to either vomit or pass out.
Has anyone else experienced this? Is one episode enough to qualify as PGAS (persistent genital arousal syndrome)? It can be caused by hormonal changes though there are some other things could have triggered this. I certainly feel like it happening on the first day of my period is very telling. Any ideas of what to do if this happens again? Any thoughts and advice would be appreciated! 🎗️💛🎗️
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2022.01.27 16:41 a_Ninja_b0y Particulate pollution is killing older Americans, even at legal levels

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2022.01.27 16:41 someonegivemealine Brit in need of help getting some docs from a California law case

So I've been following this civil suit happening between two companies in America, Torrence Court California, to be exact. I would love to get my hands on some of the court docs in case one of them spooks, settles and wants to have the docs sealed.
Idk how all this works and how to get any of the docs. I'm from the UK and here AFAIK, I can just go request them for free. I've heard that lawyers in America can view the docs for free but not make copies for free. Meaning if someone can view them and send me some pictures of choice docs, I'd be able to see some of the details I want to see.
I need it for an indie journalism piece I'm writing but the ocean just isn't helping. I've tried pacer and it bounces me out cause I'm not a Yankee.
I've found some stuff online for free after some deep diving but need a few more.
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2022.01.27 16:41 SovietShooter (LUCHABLOG) 2021 Lucha Libre Win/Loss Records

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2022.01.27 16:41 -en- @BBCWorld: US economy grows at fastest pace in decades https://t.co/pmQZm1OiUz

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2022.01.27 16:41 Mariana_Bnf Piano Stop Motion Short Film

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2022.01.27 16:41 Tutor_Milkah Fast and flexible researcher and academic writer ready to help you this winter semester. Email: mypenservices@outlook.com WhatsApp +1 (775) 665 9875 Discord: Grade_Miner#4737

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2022.01.27 16:41 bumrunner7 test2

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2022.01.27 16:41 -en- @BBCWorld: Holocaust Memorial Day: Israeli politician ends Bundestag prayer in tears https://t.co/1Zq1kRpFOg

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2022.01.27 16:41 Gerxx The situation is a mess, but don't let the anger blind us

I hate whats happening. I really love this sub, the story and the help we gave each other, seeking everyone for a better life. Seeing it in this state seriously hurt my soul. Mods have made important mistake, whether they were in good will or not doesn't matter, but letting chaos rise will not help us against the establishment who is patronizing this whole mess.
Don't let the idea die just for some damn interview nobody will give 2 cents about. We have survived worst things on our life, we can win this to.
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2022.01.27 16:41 OffGridSurvivor The 10 Best Bushcraft Knives of 2022

I just wrote a blog post on the top 10 knives for 2022. Please let me know what you think and maybe a knife I should of included and even why. Thank you :)

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