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If bread means pain in French then why is Poland an actual country?

2022.01.27 18:29 Sir_Kotlet_VI If bread means pain in French then why is Poland an actual country?

A little context: Aristotle was claiming that everything is made out of essence. So what is the essense of Poles? Its pain. Now if they are made out of pain it means they are made out of bread. And what ducks eat? They eat bread. As we know to country to be consider as one we need: territory, government and people and if polish people don't exist cause they were eaten by dacks can we call Poland a country?
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2022.01.27 18:29 caris1st What to do in a hackathon with the theme "interconnected"?

I've entered a 36-hour hackathon with a team of 4 with the theme "interconnected". The organizers themselves admit it's a very broad topic to start something on, and our team is thinking of making a website for the hackathon. Any ideas on what we should choose our topic on?
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2022.01.27 18:29 dumbass738 He came 😊

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2022.01.27 18:29 Warm_Blacksmith2998 Can't transfer food to tame dinos

I just started playing Ark about a week ago and I can't seem to transfer food from my inventory into the dino's so I can begin to tame. I can only scroll over to the "search bar" in thier inventory and no slots are available to drop food in. It's happening on my solo, PVE and PVP playthroughs. Any help on how to fix this or am I just an idiot and nit doing it right
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2022.01.27 18:29 muffin2526 [Xbox] [h] creds [w] striker CC1 chakram

Other certs considered
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2022.01.27 18:29 FORANJUAN https://vm.tiktok.com/ZMLL1sMVf/

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2022.01.27 18:29 Apprehensive_Let_993 Total Legend

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2022.01.27 18:29 -RookieMistake- A friends pic... just BEAUTIFUL

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2022.01.27 18:29 maiswrists when is the last day i can drop a class without any penalties or anything?

this is my first time dropping a class so i’m not sure but what is the process like?
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2022.01.27 18:29 lewliteki A World on Fire. Daredevil art by me :)

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2022.01.27 18:29 spooner503 Gotta do what you gotta do until the roof mount arrives

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2022.01.27 18:29 riiptemp Anyone willing to message me about chances at rd acceptance

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2022.01.27 18:29 aadm_bot Google Assistant aprende a calar-se com "stop"

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2022.01.27 18:29 JeremyTheGamer132 Is there a way to run this on its own? Bought it without realizing it should've been a set

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2022.01.27 18:29 No-Accountant9485 Emission check

I have a pending emission check on my car. Will Carvana still accept it or should I get it done before hand over?
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2022.01.27 18:29 PunThiefPilot C/S Apple CarPlay not working.

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2022.01.27 18:29 NemesisChildren 🔥 NEMESIS CHILDREN 🎁 MINT INFO

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2022.01.27 18:29 mortonslast Zen merit: a friendly reminder

When Bodhidharma first met Emperor Wu, the Emperor asked, “I have built temples and ordained monks; what merit is there in this?”
Bodhidharma said, “There is no merit.” He immediately doused the Emperor with dirty water. If you can penetrate this statement, “there is no merit,” you can meet Bodhidharma personally.
It seems that a lot of people are under the strange impression that there are “power games” and “accumulation of merit” happening on zen.
Let’s be clear: zen doesn’t recognise merit. Merit is a relative conception based on dualistic thinking.
Zen isn’t about reverence of power either. A zen master once slapped a prince in the face.
bodhidharma told the emperor what nobody else would. Sound familiar?
Yes, just like another well known cliched take about an emperor, who wanted everyone to bullshit him about his amazing clothes, which he wasn’t wearing. He was conned into believing his own supremacy by a conman, and everyone went along with it because they were afraid of what would happen if they pushed back.
What good does that do anybody? A moron marching around with his giblets out to rapturous applause? Good grief.
Even if there was a way to gain some kind of power or merit on Reddit, why would that matter to your zen study? From a zen POV those people would be making fools of themselves anyway.
Try to remember that Reddit is simply a way for us all to anonymously send group messages to each other about stuff. We have opinions + evidence, and the flow of argument.
That’s not without its problems, and there are some nasty people around here, with shitty agendas. But irrational conspiracies about secret power hierarchies are detrimental to your own zen study, and likely the mental health of some users of this sub.
If you don’t like someone, or you disagree with them, keep your perspective. Block or ignore if you have to. Don’t cast people as magic kings or gods. It’s nonsense. Even Buddha was a dried up piece of shit ffs.
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2022.01.27 18:29 SnooAdvice6310 First time DM planning my first lethal encounter

I decided to DM for my friends. Being excited I invited a lot of people and have a big party. They are in a dungeon crawl trying to find an assassin. Little do they know that the assassin works for the BBEG. I have it planned that they meet him briefly and his other minions. He would escape dimension door and leave a couple of minions he has converted to follow him. They are already beat up and this may turn into a lethal encounter. I've never killed a player before. Should I be afraid of killing someone? Or making it too difficult?
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2022.01.27 18:29 Catalina28TO Evolution messages can't be read if forwarded as attachments

I'm having a real problem that is making Evolution almost unusable for me. If I write an email, and I want to attach a previously sent or received email by dragging it into the email being composed, it does attach and gets sent to the recipient. But...anyone with Outlook can't read the email attachments. It seems that Evolution messages are in mbox format, and Microsoft can't read them.
Without getting into a discussion of standards and relative merits of different storage types, since the world runs on Microsoft, is there not a solution? Saving each and every email you want to attach as a PDF is very time consuming.
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2022.01.27 18:29 bigdaddymike42012 Any where I can sell tickets? Please point me in the right direction have 4 4 day GA passes and 2 car camping passes

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2022.01.27 18:29 Dr_Mikaeru Good Suggestions

Dear Digital Extremes, hope you see this and do it, do it.
Cosmetic QOL: 1. An emote for the emote wheel that toggles operator hood on/off.

  1. Bed frame (with collision) for orbiter mattress.
Game QOL: 1. Warframes need an augment slot. Just to the left of the aura slot. Locked by default just like exilus, requires Augment Adapter to unlock, just like exilus. More reasons for me to spend plat, DE gets paid, and warframes get the additional augmentation capability that I really badly wish they had.
  1. Mag and mag prime passive could use some fun science. It would be hella cool if mag and mag primes passive got a little love, to include minor energy regeneration when the warframe takes electricity damage while bullet jumping. Why? Mag creates magnetic fields with that bullet jump, drawing in those mods. Add some electricity, and you have a burst of electromagnetic energy, thus recharging the warframe energy slightly. Could be sooo cool!
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2022.01.27 18:29 Acrobatic-Toe4184 No progress after a kiss

I’ve been seeing a girl for couple week now. First couple of dates I decided no to rush things plus she wasn’t giving me any signs. On date 6 when I took her home she was going for a regular hug and a peck on the cheek but I decided to kiss her after that to which she reacted well. We saw each other again couple days later but it seemed to me like her attitude has changed towards me.
I don’t get if she is interested or is it all a game for her?
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2022.01.27 18:29 hfjfthc I had to think of this scene from the clone wars

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2022.01.27 18:29 talon1580 Wireless (but not true wireless) bluetooth earbuds with USB C

I seem to be the last holdout who prefers non-true-wireless earbuds.
I'm trying to move all my devices to USB C and my headphones still take micro USB.
The only one I can find is the beats flex which has a very long cable - I want the anker soundbuds legnth of cable.
Does anyone know of any of these? Up to £100, UK.
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