What's on my succulents arrangement? It looks like sawdust and is affecting the bottoms of the plants. Should I throw out the whole planter and plants?

2021.11.27 17:12 redditfoody What's on my succulents arrangement? It looks like sawdust and is affecting the bottoms of the plants. Should I throw out the whole planter and plants?

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2021.11.27 17:12 Ok-External9001 Pickering-Uxbridge Nomination Meeting

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2021.11.27 17:12 Dyuweh The Philippines is a frontline of another cold war

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2021.11.27 17:12 r0guewizard I'm falling in love with another woman

Hi. First off, I really love my girlfriend. We've been together for 8 years and live together, and although it's been very rough a lot of the time we love each other to death. But we seem to end up fighting just about every day or so, and it's taking a toll on us. We are not really happy, we're just coping. We're trying the best we can by going to therapy and planning our eventual happy days (like we had the first 4 years) by changing our circumstances. But progress is slow and we've both had a fling that we both caught each other on and it was very painful but we stood through it together.

And now I'm in a situation here. My SO is a very beautiful woman, and when I say beautiful, she truly is a 10/10 objectively. She looks like heaven sent her, she's very nice, but when she gets angry she can be truly vindictive and cruel and it's become somewhat clear that we're relying on each other too much for reasons that can't be called love anymore.
On the other hand, my best friend died recently. He had a friend and she is also excessively beautiful, but they look totally different but they're both my type totally. I always had a lowkey thing for her that never saw the light of day until his funeral, then something started brewing. She would be giving me looks that she meant for me to see along with other signals that kind of says it. All in all this fucking astonishes me, I am a very average or just below average looking guy, but somehow I've always had the ability to attract the women I want. I guess I send them some kind of cues that they respond to without me really being aware.

It makes me torn on whether I am doing my girlfriend justice by feeling something so strongly for another woman, even though it is not for lack of love for her. Without doubt, I would die for my girl, even if we were to break up. We've been together for 9 years since high school and it's progressed to something far beyond the limits of a relationship. We love each other on a totally different and advanced level that I always like to think that very few people will be able to. So what do I do? I'm still young, I want to experience different loves and I really want to unlock the Pandora's Box that's knocking on my door but I don't want to be a traitor. I know the obvious answer that this sub normally gives is "Tell her, break up with her. If you feel like that you don't love her enough," and it's just not true and it's not so simple. My whole life has been invested in this relationship and my escapism isn't just because of this one other attraction even though she's amazing, it's become a recurring thought process to seek out other women mentally. I hope someone wise will post here, god knows your 3 month high school relationship doesn't have the experience to weigh in here. Thanks a lot everyone, don't slay me.
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2021.11.27 17:12 allthekos Season 6 episode 4 of The Office..

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2021.11.27 17:12 dumbhunny I rarely clean out my fridge (tldr at bottom)

I find it hard to clean out my fridge as often as I should for depression reasons and each time I tell myself "Im never letting this happen again." But of course, it never ends up that way.
I finally mustered up the energy to clean it out today, in fact it is still half done, I still need to wipe it out. But Im giving the offensive aromas in my kitchen time to disperse out of the open balcony window.
You see, it was about a month ago, my boyfriend and I decided to go for a picnic. I thought itd be a cute idea to bring some cut up fruits and veggies with a couple things to dip them in. Apples, grapes, cauliflower and... broccoli. I put them all in the same container for dishes reasons, which is also something I struggle to do as often as I should.
Well, we had leftovers, so I put the container in the fridge intending to eat its contents the next day. I dont know how it slipped passed me, but its one of those things that probably just ended up getting buried among the haphazardly thrown in cheese and produce bags that I find myself too lazy to put in their proper places when I find myself able to cook.
Now, a month later, today, I finally am able to clean the fridge, motivated by the groceries I plan to pick up tomorrow, the desire to have a clean home as I put up my Christmas tree tonight, and the slight scent of something rotten as my boyfriend and I pulled various items out of the fridge to make some drinks.
I pull out an alarming mass of things to be thrown out and leftovers that need to be tossed. And at the back of the fridge, there it is. The container of fruits and veggies, with a bulging lid that I at first did not notice. I pulled it out, inspecting the contents of the clear plastic lid. I did not see any mold, so I sat wondering how long it had actually been sonce we had gone on that picnic. I thought they might still be okay. That is, until I cracked the lid.
It only took a whiff of that putrid, toxic, obnoxious gas to have me heaving. Gagging uncontrollably, my instincts took over and I shakily poured the rotten contents of the container into the trash bag in front of me and tied the drawstrings as tight as I could three times. Vomit invaded my throat and mouth, but holding my mouth shut with my hands and swallowing it was much preferable to cleaning it off of the kitchen floor. I ran to the bathroom, leaving the fridge door open and the now empty container on the floor alongside the half full trash bag. I stood there, gagging and heaving unrelentlessly until I was finally able to calm myself and catch my breath.
Finally, I mustered up the courage to reenter the kitchen, I grabbed the bag and dragged it out of my apartment building and to the dumpsters. The sweet relief of fresh air as I entered the parking lot was undescribably amazing. With great satisfaction I threw the black horrifying bag of awfulness into the dumpster and returned to my apartment, openned the balcony window, and sat on my couch to take much needed break before I continue.
I overcame something today. And while I will probably procrastinate cleaning out the fridge again and again, I can at least say there will never be fresh broccoli in there again.
tldr: Im bad at keeping up with household chores and today I learned how awful broccoli gases smell after like a month.
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2021.11.27 17:12 AppropriateArtist855 My wallpaper

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2021.11.27 17:12 jlborgesjr Questlove listens to The Wall for first time a few days ago, upset no one suggested it to him earlier in his life

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2021.11.27 17:12 darthatheos Book of Boba Fett: Star Wars Criminal Factions Explained

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2021.11.27 17:12 Waffletimewarp My only criticism so far…

The mini for the Psycho is so tiny! It’s supposed to be Krieg, but he’s barely taller than Gaige with how he’s posed and scaled.
Meanwhile, Zer0 is a giant among men.
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2021.11.27 17:12 rodayolife2 I just realized unpopular opinions that are actually very true

LocoCity > both Casper AND Smoke Dawg
Kenzo > Duvy
1hunnid > Pressa in his prime
What do y’all think? Am i tweakin or did i go 4/4?
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2021.11.27 17:12 Narrow_Perception_18 Parents BLOCK Child's MARRIAGE - This can't be WHY - Mufti Yaks

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2021.11.27 17:12 TheAelseHunter LF: Beldum FT: Munchlax, Gible, chansey and some other stuff

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2021.11.27 17:12 _the_otherworld_ Wind Speaker

It’s tossed around like a pearl in a mollusk
Like a song, sticky stuck on my tongue, but the lyrics never come
Mouth open, lips parted
She slips away again
“And I'd rather not walk, through the garden again, If I can't catch your scent on a magnolia wind”
The wind is a taker, but a giver, just as well
Though, what she borrows from your lips, was never yours to sell
Sweet and wet and satiating for the dry and calloused tongues
Go within, take a breath. Begin again and again
No matter the question. No matter the songs that long to be freed from the vacant lungs, from the mouths of the fools, forgotten and unsung
The answer is always love
With a potent reminder, and the gentlest of touches, your works own remiss. To remember that forgotten song, that my lips have starved to kiss
To release it into the chaos, with a swift and tender word
If it’s not done in love, and placed at the feet of the swelling and the stirred…
then it’s not the love that returns you from the hunger and unheard
The living, breathing, host. Not meant for you to play for keeps, pretending for the ghost
I find it living in myself, between the quiet and the muddle. Whispers of her ancient ways, in the ears of knees unbuckled
The undercurrent vibrates on, in salient waves of relief
Love is the only answer, to all the questions that I seek
Love is sometimes the quiet, still and silent watcher
She’s also the the rising smoke of a guardian to those, who ventured out and wandered off
Forgetting who they were, what this means, and why the fight always seems
to go on and on and on
Everything I’ve done, I’ve only done for love
I can wash my hands in the clearest of waters and watch the liquid drain unchanged.
I can shoulder the pain, and say the name, for those who speak her language
Native tongue, felt only in, the passing of her cadence
Unwritten, nameless, shapeless and unmeasured
But make no mistake about this; deeply felt, wholly understood
I can carry heavy burdens, because the wind lifts the extra weight. Lightening the load and paving the road, to walk the path in love
Love will rise from my core, because she was simply remembered
On her breath, the familiar scent
of longing
and lingering
for a place I know is home.
In the final resting ground, the marriage of the coin. The natural rhythm beats her drum, while the composer flicks a hand
The chaos is birthed from the rhythm and spins in endless form
The wind is howling like the horn, from summoned symphonies reborn
Nod your head, bow to it, it’s the only tune that’s true
None of it matters, if love isn’t the answer, to the questions you would pursue.
Singing my song, this is the way, lips that burn, hips to sway, riding waves in beds unmade, on the back of a love like Wind.
“You know it's once in a lifetime, and it won't come again. It’s here and it's gone, on a magnolia wind”
EmmyLou for your troubles. Sweet sips of inhalation for your call to home. The releasing of the exhale, for a settling of the score.
Begin again and again and again, once more?
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2021.11.27 17:12 mrslother Oura app takes long time to sync

I sync my Oura app with my ring every morning. This process takes several minutes, even when the ring is inches away from the phone.
It seems to be worse with my gen 3 ring.
Is this what everyone is experiencing?
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2021.11.27 17:12 ivanfears What 170$ gets you on a black friday sale in Western MA - I could have spent soooo much more!

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2021.11.27 17:12 Inner_Journalist5345 I made an stackeble 200 tnt cannon

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2021.11.27 17:12 dirtymike401 You're fucked, Wayne.

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2021.11.27 17:12 Sea-Economist1001 Is it rude/unreasonable that I ask every partner to get tested prior to sleeping together? (NSFW)

I’m a gay man and there have been a number of guys have wanted to have sex with me over the years, and the majority wear protection, and some do not. I’ve asked what their status is and if they take medication or not, and some guys roll their eyes saying “It ain’t a big deal…”
Thankfully I’ve not caught HIV or anything, but is it rude to ask them to get tested first?
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2021.11.27 17:12 JunktheEater ITAP of Mount Auburn Cemetery in Massachusetts

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2021.11.27 17:12 ickybus overview for LowPlastic9436

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2021.11.27 17:12 reve2015 Christmas lights

Does anyone know of any Christmas markets in the Mechanisburg area? or town centers decorated with lights (not places like Hershey sweet lights where you gave to pay) just pretty decorated areas? thanks :)
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2021.11.27 17:12 ladylucki Friends, Artist/Linda G. Williamson, Pen and Ink, 2021

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2021.11.27 17:12 mpssss22 What is the opposite of you?

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2021.11.27 17:12 vegassina Need help please always love a super glide/super gilde custom i owned one and sold it before covid(mistake) now i find a 2009 decent around 7k…i want it but i know is overprice,i pull the trigger?

Need help please always love a super glide/super gilde custom i owned one and sold it before covid(mistake) now i find a 2009 decent around 7k…i want it but i know is overprice,i pull the trigger? submitted by vegassina to Harley [link] [comments]