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The boob/nipple is a male connector

Browse Google Shopping to find the products you’re looking for, track & compare prices, and decide where to buy online or in store.

2021.11.27 17:39 josh-i The boob/nipple is a male connector

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2021.11.27 17:39 ContentForager2 My "buy two, get one free" deal GameStop order finally arrived. (/r/3DS)

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2021.11.27 17:39 Thewalrus26 How much do you pay per month for streaming services?

I have finally upgraded from my pre-historic “smart” TV to one that can actually download different streaming apps. Up until now I’ve only been watching Netflix occasionally on someone else’s account and I am honestly agog at how much streaming services cost, particularly if you subscribe to more than one. I’m wondering how many you all subscribe to and how much you pay per month?? And are there any legal hacks to bring costs down that I should know about?
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2021.11.27 17:39 Damadar A Red Shouldered Hawk

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2021.11.27 17:39 Justice-4-Kris Posting Kris memes until she gets EX or an alt - Day 32: Add an extra hug too

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2021.11.27 17:39 AbilityCacophony LF:Moon Stone FT:Sun Stone

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2021.11.27 17:39 KlutzyChampionship30 Tribute nudes eurer wahl, dm

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2021.11.27 17:39 prettynmung stay creepy florida

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2021.11.27 17:39 euzp Crucial P5 Plus CT500P5PSSD8 500GB (PCIe 4.0, 3D NAND, NVMe, M.2 SSD) up to 6600MB/s £60.99

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2021.11.27 17:39 elegantloveglimmer In her lap [Uma Musume Pretty Derby]

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2021.11.27 17:39 _pixiepoo sketched some ideas i had about the Rivtech automagnum's actual appearance, so far it just looks like a stripped down halo magnum :p

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2021.11.27 17:39 ImportanceSilver3251 Arouca [2]-1 Boavista - Antony Alves Santos 90'+1'

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2021.11.27 17:39 Agima [100% OFF] AWS Solutions Architect Associate Practice Exams 2022 (4 days or 996 registrations left)

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2021.11.27 17:39 Gilles_from_Paris NINA HAGEN - ZARAH [rock dance] (1984) from the hit album "Fearless", a crazy performance for French TV

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2021.11.27 17:39 Nietzsche_esque About the new Lovecraftian looking creature in the last chapter

When I first saw the "creature of the tower", I immediately fell in love with his design. There's just something very eerie and mysterious about it with its additional fingers and arms for his head, while it's seemingly praying with its hands folded.
I searched the internet for more clues, and found out that the creature is holding what is called a "Japamala" (lit. "Buddha pearls) in its palms, which is a string of prayer beads commonly used in Indian religions such as Hinduism, Jainism, Sikhism, and Buddhism for the spiritual practice (sadhana) known in Sanskrit as japa. ( I suggest clicking on the link, since you'll find more about it there).
It also has additional decoration around its arm, which is also common practice in those religions.
What's more, Shiva (you probably all heard of him) is one of the Hindu deities, which are usually depicted with four arms. Additionally, they are frequently illustrated wearing a pair of Rudraksha malas (dried stones which are used as prayer beads).
Both have four arms, very similar sitting posture and of course, they are both wearing the Japamala

Back to the meaning of each arm, Shiva's upper right hand often holds an hour-glass drum. This is a symbol of creation and the "beating pulse of the universe." (what's interesting here is that Chapter 14 implies that this creature has the ability or power to give "birth" to something which is synonymous with creation)

The drum is also important because it gives way to the music for Shiva to dance. It can also represent the male and female vital principles. (don't know what to make of this one though)
This following one is interesting though. The opposite hand, the upper left hand, typically holds a palm full of tongues with flames. These are supposed to symbolize the element of destruction in the universe through the flames.
Both the \"creature in the tower\" and Hume are representing flames

The balance is between creation in the one hand and destruction in the other. Shiva is considered to be one of the chief deities in Hinduism. The name Shiva also means "Auspicious One." Shiva is a paradoxical deity because he is both the restorer and the destroyer, the wrathful avenger and the benevolent herdsman.
But it doesn't stop there. In Shiva's case, each arm represents one of the four cardinal directions. This might be reaching at this point, but it's possible that this is also somehow connected to Azuma since his last name "" (Higashi) literally means "South". Would be an odd coincidence in my opinion.
Now, I don't know how much of this was planned or intentionally laid out by Ishida, but given all these similarities I wouldn't be surprised if he'll keep incorporating some of that mythology into the story and link them to the characters. This wouldn't be the first time that Ishida borrows from hinduism and applies it to his work. That's it for now, thank you for reading!
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2021.11.27 17:39 edditbot (+3524) I'm not a very emotional person, but damn...

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2021.11.27 17:39 Other-Comfort-8991 just bought aqara g3 newbie

so i just orderd g3 and want to buy aqara Door and Window Sensor is it also google home android compatible because i see most mention about homekit ?
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2021.11.27 17:39 pixxi326 [US] H: S5 418-Gulliver, 425-435, 437-448, Unopened Sanrio W: S1-4 All, Priority- Marshal

I started collecting with Series 5, I have extras of all villagers except Shino. I also have 418-Gulliver and an unopened Sanrio pack.
Looking for any S1-4 cards, my main want is my boy Marshal 🤍
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2021.11.27 17:39 BotDefense overview for DoorExciting7522

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2021.11.27 17:39 CJMann21 Title Sequence (Opening Credits) & EP4 are Slappin!

Just came here to say that I’m enamored with the Title Sequence. An Absolute “A” grade from me.
Music: I love the first few seconds of unnerving and unsettling music, which leads into something more mysterious and then runs into something epic… not epic in like a modern since but epic like the stories of old… a little dark and scary, not hopeful but not yet despairing either.
Visuals: I don’t even know what to say here because I’m so captivated by it. I simply love watching it, every time, and even more times online. Watching it in half speed even to catch every little thread. It’s just so visually stunning.
On a different note, EP4 was stellar. To all those who were hating from before the series launched; to all those who lost faith after EP1’s rough start, and those just not feeling it after the drop of the first 3 episodes… please join us for EP4. Yes it’s the biggest departure for the source material, but I’ll be burned if it isn’t simply damned-good TV.
Finally… to all those who aren’t going to watch the show for whatever reasons, could you please let the episodes run on your TVs when you go to bed for the night, or leave for work, or something similar? Just throw a bone to fellow fans of the books who are also enjoying the series. We’d really appreciate it.
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2021.11.27 17:39 spiritualdestiny Meditation for Peaceful Transformation

Hello friends, I would like to share with you an interesting statistic: Follow-up study suggests group meditation reduced murder rates in large US cities https://www.eurekalert.org/news-releases/511271
If 1725 meditators achieved that much, imagine what a million or more meditators can do. The Earth is a free will zone. You can choose to join, remain indifferent or oppose this peaceful intention, but please be aware that thoughts matter! Everyone knows to some extent about the power of positive thinking. The latest scientific studies suggest that the vibration of our thoughts (positive or negative) creates energy field which affects our lives. Actions originate from intentions and they are nothing but thoughts. We truly reap what we sow. We create our reality individually and collectively depending on what we think.
Link for peace, love and joy we can all enjoy. You can do it at 9 PM your local time, but it is much more impactful if we all meditate together at the same time (9 PM Eastern Daylight Time/Eastern Standart Time depending on the season) every night.
Don't miss this unique opportunity to contribute to the world peace, love and joy. You will make the world a better place to live in - for yourself, your loved ones ... and everyone else. You will be a part of a peaceful movement based on compassion, harmony and fraternity.
This is a guided meditation. All we have to do is close our eyes for 15 minutes, relax and connect with our heart. The apparently insignificant time investment of 15 minutes WILL transform our world when our numbers are great! There is no cost involved, no strings attached nor any hidden agenda.
That which is good for everyone should not remain unknown! Please share the YouTube link below with as many people as possible. Let's collectively participate and spread this noble intention far and wide.
Together we can do it, we CAN have a world of peace, love and joy we can all enjoy.
We don't need any special skills to meditate on love. It's our inner nature. We meditate every day on our job, relationships and many other things. Why not invest 15 minutes a day and transform Mother Earth into a safe and joyful environment.
Please join us in the noble cause of making Peace Day every day. Install the link below on your desktop or phone screen, meditate with us and spread the word.
This link becomes active few minutes before 9 PM EDT/EST and the meditation ends at 9:15 PM. Experience unconditional love from the depths of your heart.
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2021.11.27 17:39 Accurate_Trick_7743 🤪

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2021.11.27 17:39 vlonedelly Bad Saturday here in Philadelphia

Am i the only one having a super slow day??
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2021.11.27 17:39 Responsible-Tea-8378 egg_irl

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2021.11.27 17:39 Miniappolis How do I keep the small flying insect population down?

We have a few small potted plants and a small open terrarium, and because of this we have tiny flying bugs all around the apartment. They don't seem to bite, but they are annoying as they're attracted to light and seemingly us. Plants are healthy but they seem to be laying eggs in the soil and gravel in our pots. We live 3 stories up beside a river and the balcony is bordered by a thick garden of various tall grasses.
Aside from bug bombing the place every week, what passive measures can we take? Brisbane, Australia.
Thank you!
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