Glorious Rat Empire Rule #1

2021.10.21 12:48 xstormaggedonx Glorious Rat Empire Rule #1

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2021.10.21 12:48 2SpeedLeslie Democrats who will not be voting for Biden this time around, what the breaking point for you?

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2021.10.21 12:48 Pogotron96 Super serial and bored .. :|

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2021.10.21 12:48 ShortAlgo $GCO Awaiting Buy signal on GCO

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2021.10.21 12:48 deti FAILURE, x/500, 0.1 tez, will burn most of it on weekend (link in comment)

FAILURE, x/500, 0.1 tez, will burn most of it on weekend (link in comment)
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2021.10.21 12:48 Z-Zombies I need help coming up with the chorus for my song

I started writing a song down from a perspective of a crazy vigilante man just trying to get through life on his own. i have never really written a song before so i'm still pretty new. Any tips? I can provide lyrics if needed.
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2021.10.21 12:48 vikki_456 Sex Coach Prep School-[DOWNLOAD]

To get this course with future updates comment down Interested and text me
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2021.10.21 12:48 learntimelapse Today's first light on the orbital tower, catch arms attached

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2021.10.21 12:48 ArticSkyFox Looking for Discord Moderator's

We are looking to find a few individuals, that can cover a wide range of time zones across the globe, to help answer questions and help to engage conversation in our Discord gaming community.
Job description: Engaging with the community. Being a "Doorman" in the general channel and welcoming the new members in. Managing bots Helping out in general around the server.

REQUIREMENTS: Must be 18+ Must be able to read and write in English Must have prior knowledge on how to manage a discord server. Professional and hard working. Must be active on the server, this means talking with members and staff. Attend and participate in staff meetings. Attend Moderation Training. Self-motivated and dedicated.
NON PAYING! Purely volunteering at this time.
If interested please fill out Discord Moderator application out.
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2021.10.21 12:48 JayGatsby02 “If you tried to count Allah’s blessings, you would never be able to” Quran 14:34

What a beautiful quote.
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2021.10.21 12:48 Cheap-Profession228 Got the blue wood and don’t know how to get out of maze. Anybody have a route?

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2021.10.21 12:48 slightlyConfusedDoge Is it a bad thing that I’ve always hated my skin color

(Quick disclaimer I’m not really great at explaining myself, I’m really sorry about that, and I’m mostly describing my own experiences) I’m Black(f17) and sometimes I really hate being black. The things I see online and the way I see people speak about black really makes me feel really sick and uncomfortable going out. When I was very young I could always tell that people would speak to me differently or look at me a certain way that just made me feel insecure about my skin. When I was going to school teachers it felt like teachers would expect me and other black students to do poorly which later on made me feel like I was conditioned to always be bad in school. Maybe I’m just a bit over sensitive but memories of being left out in games when I was in elementary school, or being told I couldn’t be friends with someone because Theyre whitThere are so many talented intelligent black people but it feels like media only puts out the ones that happen to do bad things and only focus on those handfuls of people which puts the entire community under one category of stupid and loud and violent. There are so many people that are so proud of being black but me and I hate myself for it but I still can’t stop hating being black no matter how many times people tell me to be proud of it. No matter how confident I can try to be with my color or how smart I can be or creative or talented it just always feels like people will only see me as dumb, ghetto, loud. I just really want to be seen as something other than just black. I wish there was another way to fix my issues other than “just try to ignore it “
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2021.10.21 12:48 MediaShatters Jonathan Turley: Biden family corruption is an elephant the media works to 'disappear'

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2021.10.21 12:48 ayybillay does anyone know if i need to have my actually physical vaccination card to get into the kentucky center of performing arts?

i have tickets to a show there tonight. i have called, emailed, and wrote them on facebook asking if i have to show my actually vaccination card or if i can use a clear picture i have of it on my phone, and haven’t gotten a reply from them anywhere yet. has anyone been yet and know what they require?
my vaccination card is at my exes house still and just trying to avoid going to get it for now if i can. thanks for the help.
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2021.10.21 12:48 birdiebeast Hosting Giratina raid, adding 10, be online and ready please, 8924 3402 4912

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2021.10.21 12:48 duckhunter51 Is there a better way to move storages across towns?

Started the game in First Light, but realizing that having all my storage in a centralized town location would be better so I'm trying to move everything. This would take 3 runs to completely move my storage.
Are my options basically spend Azoth to fast travel then recall to inn or walking the full distance?
Would you rather sell all your materials and stored weapons or just leave these in place and move them later? Or scrap them entirely? I'm only level 18 so I'm sure I would find better stuff later anyway
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2021.10.21 12:48 Imaorange410 Seagate now offers a 2TB expansion card for your Xbox Series X/S

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2021.10.21 12:48 whatinthechickenfuck Silliest thing you’ve done in frustration

What’s the funniest, or dumbest thing you’ve done in frustration? Me personally, I ripped my putter in half after hitting on a low ceiling putt.
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2021.10.21 12:48 Darwish_exe IAL AL math Pure mathematics 3

hey guys!
how was your paper today?
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2021.10.21 12:48 Kumazzoni DES VOLFSTGALPH - encarved

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2021.10.21 12:48 lesbianwriterlover69 Warcrimes, there is a reason why Humans say "NO"

(SUP EVERYBODY!! I AM FREE FREE!!! MWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA if you want some HFY drafts or Non-HFY content if you ever wanted go to my personal reddit Click Here)
Warcrimes. Humanity has a long long list of them, And each regiment of Human soldiers, from the Death Korp of Vraxxis to the Tallaris Raiders, even the Cadius Guard all follow this simple book.
The ones that caught everyone's eye involves the enemy. If you occupy enemy territory, you can acquire resources, but not to the point the civilians will have none. You cannot kill an unarmed civilian, no matter how hostile they are in behavior. And you cannot kill an enemy who surrenders.
I am a Leoris, the name is Leonidas, I was named after a strong warrior king from Human history, Next was our heavy gunner who was a Paravaxian named Gala, and then our two velenite scouts Frey and T'trali, and our human officer named Ivan.
Ivan's job was being our sniper, driver, and main head of the squad. I saw that man carry with the power of adrenaline carry Gala on his back to a medical transport, taking 12 bullets to his legs and chest. I saw him rip another being's top half of their head, he literally grabbed their upper teeth and ripped it off.
One day we were attacking a race that was openly hostile. The Alliance deployed a small fleet to destroy their government and support the Pro-Demoracy faction.
I remember Ivan giving us the rundown of engagements.
"Alright, its mostly urban, so urban camo, enemy hostiles ARE confirmed in the buildings, ALONG WITH HOSTAGES. Do know that not everyone we save likes us. I don't care if they spit on your face, kick your plate out of your hands, or stare at you weird, DO NOT SHOOT A FUCKING CIVILIAN, None of you have fought with civilians in the crossfire, I HAVE, Follow my orders, we all survive, GOT IT?"
We all shouted "Sir Yes Sir" as we loaded up and a literal hive of transports began their dive into the atmosphere.
I looked outside, I saw flak, terrible flak to be fair, any direct hit rocked the ship but Paravaxis Steel was very tough, thank you Headhunter who impressed the queen...I heard he married a Paravaxian...must be nice. Frey was shaking and breathing heavily. Ivan saw this and gave her a piece of gum. She took it and began chewing very quickly. Gala did not like the shaking "Sarge, are we gonna crash?". Ivan laughed and so did the pilot, who was also human "Relax, if we do get shot down, I'll kill the pilot in the afterlife so hard he comes back to life so he can apologize to our families". I did not find that comforting but it was better than nothing.
We landed in a city currently under our control. We landed and saw the buildings all torn and destroyed, very few were standing. The Hospital and Religious Buildings were all undamaged, mostly, can't control shrapnel.
I saw a soup kitchen. In front was a long line of civilians. I went to check the menu, Mashed potatoes and vegetable stew, Yeah these were herbivores.
As we went out on patrol around the city we saw two boys digging a hole. Ivan stopped the jeep and I jumped off and walked to them. The boys saw us and ran away. Ivan said to me "Hey, don't forget, we are enemies to them for now, can't change their mind in a day, check the hole, I don't want IED's".
I walked to the hole and saw an enemy soldier's head, and a small grave marker made from wood and scrap metal. I looked around and saw the two boys looking at me, their eyes were filled with hatred. I looked at the head, I placed it in the hole, buried it, and planted the grave marker on it before walking back to Ivan telling him it was a burial. Ivan sighed "Kinda shows you how stupid war is, the people of this planet wanted democracy, a system for the people, by the people, it ain't perfect but it was way better than their communist control".
I spent the next few days in that city. T'rali and Frey were attacked for getting water, Gala almost shot a man for shouting at her, one of the people were spreading rumors that the meat us carnivores were eating was from their own dead or missing people. Morale and patience began to run thin in our ranks. Ivan assured us "If any of you fucks do something stupid I will not hesitate to shoot you, GOT IT" as it shut us up.
It reached a tipping point where we heard gunfire, every squad was on high alert. I ran to the hospital to see 2 dead civilians on the ground and a Leoris holding a rifle, the barrel smoking. One of the children ran, screaming that his brother and uncle are now dead, screaming curses at the soldier. The soldier aimed his gun at the child when another gunshot rung, it hit the Leoris in the leg, causing him to fall, I tackled him and pushed the rifle away.
Ivan pulled me off him and began beating up the Leoris soldier, It went on for a quiet 2 minutes, nothing but the sound of a hardened human fist hitting the armored skull of a Leoris. After that the Leoris was crying on the floor, breaking down. Ivan looked at every soldier "Well? EXPLAIN!! NOW!! OR YOU ARE ALL GETTING PUNISHED FOR IT"
The medic explained that the brother had in infected wound and the uncle and child brought him to the hospital for immediate care. The Leoris said that there are more critically wounded before the medic could get a word in. The uncle begged and begged saying he will not leave until his nephew received medical aid. The Leoris soldier got sick and tired and shot the old man and the child's brother when I arrived.
The soldier was forced to returned back to his homeworld, the battlefield had no room for liabilities or trigger happy idiots, which were my human sergeant's words, and for him to say that means something.
Another tipping point was when two men were fighting, saying their shares of food were not equal. They punched each other on the ground as Gala picked them up and separated them. Ivan shut both of them up by splitting his entire share with the both of them "You think you two fucks are only ones suffering? LOOK AROUND, THIS IS WAR, THERE ARE NO WINNERS, JUST WASTED LIVES" as he stormed off kicking dirt and sand.
Every time he had to fix a tipping point he would be on the top floor of a lookout building, he would look at his sidearm, a 46 ACP pulse pistol, point it to his head, and say "They need your ass, they need you alive, you die, they die, You know what you signed up for...." and throw the gun away sobbing and crying. I heard him say names, I did not need a lot to know they are people he served with, and that those names were people who would not meet again.
After a while he would go down from the lookout, his face with a few tear streaks but he would have a strong, stern face.
I know why Humans have a long list of warcrimes, even involving enemies, It's to make sure soldiers don't commit mistakes that haunt them their entire lives.
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2021.10.21 12:48 Imaorange410 Microsoft and AMD will give away a 'Halo Infinite' Radeon RX 6900 XT GPU

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2021.10.21 12:48 JustAnuthaLooser Your brokers are shitty.. They make you wait too long. Transfer to Fidelity first(1 week-ish), and THEN start your DRS transfer(3days). Don't wait weeks because of their nonsense. (Not financial advice - U.S. Apes only).🚀💎🙌

I've transferred over 100% of my transferable shares - YOLO GANG UNITE!!
Fidelity is for U.S. apes only - Also, I'll be reposting this everyday. Today's Day 21!
Euro-Apes, it seems you could possibly follow along and do everything the same, but swap for IBKR instead - BUT NOT ACAT
Transfer to Fidelity-or-IBKR first, and THEN start your DRS transfer. Don't wait weeks because of other brokers' nonsense. (Not financial advice).🚀💎🙌
If you still haven't gone to Fidelity. Damn... I bet you still use Rh and margin too, smh. 🙃
Anyway, you're in luck because it's quick and easy. You can have an account setup and ready for transfers in within the hour. ⏰
Depending on your current broker and type of transfer (partial vs full), you can have your shares in a comfy Fidelity account in about a week or less -in my case <3days. (Protip: start all shares transfers from the Fidelity website). ⚡
Then you can join the wonderful apes over at CS by calling Fidelity and transferring whatever amount you wish, hassle free. 🌞
Once again, your current broker sucks.. just thought I'd remind you.
Do you really want to spend 30days* waiting for a CS transfer to take place, or does about 1-2 weeks sound better to you ? 🤷‍♂️
Your decision, none of this is financial advice, I'm a retarded crayon eating ape that regurgitated info you can find yourself online. Ook ook. 🍌🦍
P.S. Check your originating brokerage about any associated fees. Usually there is only a fee for a "FULL" type transfer (closing the account); you can still transfer all your shares using a "partial" transfer (it just means they won't close your originating account at the other broker. Double-check!
Cashapp users and possibly other similar brokers:
For convenience, u/manbrasucks wrote steps for cashapp, should apply for others just change the drivewealth llc and ignore step 5 and 6

  1. Sign up a 1 person brokerage account at fidelity.
  2. In fidelity go to account and trade > transfer
  3. scroll to the middle, Start a transfer
  4. Select "Drivewealth Llc" NOT cash app as drivewealth handles your shares.
  5. It will then ask for your account from cash app.
  6. In cashapp select profile>documents>stocks>monthly statements>date
  7. Use the account number here back in fidelity, send it to your brokerage individual account.
  8. Say next and choose full transfer.
  9. Finish up and that's it.
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2021.10.21 12:48 FFtitan 4 FPL Premium Forwards - Ranked

We analysed and rank 4 (available) premium forwards:
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2021.10.21 12:48 ikickwithmyleftfoot Just got this chonker in today. 14x8 Dallas Drum black brass snare with a Trick throw off.

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